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O[u]R BreakThrough

Surgivisio has developed the first all-in-one surgical platform for 2D Fluoroscopy, 3D Imaging and real-time Navigation.
Why an all-in-one device?

Here at Surgivisio, we believe that modern medical technology should be designed in a way that enables physicians to perform their best work, in a stress-free environment. Our patented technology has been fine-tuned to overcome many of the pitfalls of conventional navigation, such as unreliable registration steps. Thanks to an optimized workflow and smartphone-inspired interface, our all-in-one device integrates seamlessly into surgeons’ working environments, making 2D, 3D imaging or real-time navigation accessible and easy.

BreakThrough to a more efficient OR

3 steps
5 minutes

BreakThrough Vision

Progressively Reducing the invasivity of surgical procedures is at the heart of Surgivisio’s vision.

Less Invasive Surgery is at the heart of Surgivisio’s vision. Our research and development efforts were driven from day one by the need to operate less invasively, with less exposure to X-rays and faster recovery times for patients. Less Invasive Surgery will enable the development of outpatient surgery, and offers significant benefits to patients, hospitals, clinics and healthcare systems. Surgivisio is the company that is making Less Invasive Surgery widely available, for everyday use.
But Surgivisio is also fully dedicated to each surgeon’s preferences and methods. Whether performing open, mini-invasive or percutaneous surgery, surgeons are empowered to perform their best work thanks to Surgivisio’s unified surgical technologies. Having kept a finger on the pulse of the spine and orthopedic surgery markets right from the start, we have developed the technology that surgeons and hospitals really needed.